There’s A Ghost In My Attic

There’s A Ghost In My Attic
Old Attic / Stock Photo

One Friday night, my little sister was spending the night with my grandma and my other sister was spending the night at my other grandma’s house. I was on my computer until after midnight, it was between 2:30 or 3:00 when I got off.

That night I was sleeping on the couch in the living room. I was watching television, and I heard something. I thought it was my imagination or one of my dogs. Well, it couldn’t have been one of my dogs, because they were both laying on the couch with me. Then I heard it again. It sounded like it came from right over top of me. It sounded like someone was walking very fast and pushing boxes out of their way in the attic. I knew it wasn’t my imagination.

After about 3 minutes the noises stopped. About 15 minutes after I heard the noise, I turned the light off to go to sleep. Then I heard a noise from the other room. Like someone was typing on the keyboard for my computer, but I looked back to the room and no one was in there. I finally went to sleep.

The next day, I told my sister about it. I didn’t tell my little sister about it, because she would have been scared. She didn’t believe me until about a week later on another Friday night, when she heard it, and so did I. She heard noises like someone was typing on the keyboard, as before.

We went into our attic Saturday night with one of our friends. We took flashlights with us. We looked towards the side of the attic that the noise had came from, but we didn’t see anything. Then we heard a really loud noise. We turned around and on the other side of the attic we saw something that was NOT there before. It was a chair that we have never seen before. Then a ghost appeared in it. We screamed. We were so scared we couldn’t move.

The ghost said something. It was hard to understand what it was saying. It was like mumbling. This is what we think it said:

“So, you are the ones I have been scaring. I love typing on your keyboard. Why did you move into this house? I was alone until you moved in. I have been trying to scare you off for 11 years. Nothing works. Now leave! If you don’t, you will be sorry!”

We ran out of the attic. We told my mom and dad, but they said we have been watching to many ghost shows. They still don’t think it’s true. Ever since that night, I won’t stay up late on the computer, well, I don’t get on the computer that much anymore, and I sleep with the lights on.

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