The Orkney Hollow Hanging

The Orkney Hollow Hanging
Hangman's Noose / Stock Photo

Every since we was little our parents told us not to go out of the hollow after dark, because a colored man was hung in the big beach tree for sleeping with a white man’s wife back in the (1940’s).

When we became the ages of 12 and 13 we was wanting to find out if the old story was real. So one night, we agreed to sneak out and go to the old tree. It was about 12:30 when we left our houses.

We waited there for the man to come, finally around 1:00 my cousin David decided to climb the Water Plant road that leads behind the tree to see if anything or any one was there.

He found nothing, we waited a little while longer, and my other cousin Melissa looks up and she just freezes. We look up and there was a noose swinging back and forth from the broken branch. A short while later a dark figure begins to form in the noose when it comes clear, we can see a man swinging in the tree.

Me and Melissa decided to get a little closer to see if it was real. We figured maybe somebody is playing a trick on us. When we went under the man, blood dripped on our clothes and he was gargling on his blood. That was the scariest thing that ever happened to any of us!

When we got home we changed clothes and was going to show them to our parents, but the blood had disappeared. To this day we haven’t figured out what happened.

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