The Old Lady

The Old Lady
Haunting Portraits of the Homeless / Lee Jeffries

I was outside this summer and I was standing just looking out and enjoying the hot weather, when suddenly I got a real cold covering over me.

Being a real fan of this web site, I decided to take a picture just to see if anything would show up, not that I believed it, until now. I looked at the pictures and it was an old woman with old ragged clothes on, looking very cold and dark.

I went to locate the pictures the next morning and they were destroyed with a message saying this is not meant to be seen by anyone or anything, and you weren’t supposed to see me. I tried to take a picture again and left to go get them developed; came home and found my house a wreck like someone was looking for something. She appeared to me and took the pictures and they were destroyed and I haven’t taken a picture again and she hasn’t appeared since.

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