Pool of Blood

Pool of Blood
Puddle of Blood / Stock Photo

I was all alone in my house on a rainy night. I just started to pop some popcorn and I heard someone call, “Jessica.” I froze where I was and waited a second. I saw a shadow in the hallway and went to investigate. I heard, “Jessica” in a spooky voice, and then it hit me about my grandpa’s ghost who was murdered in this very house. I started to shake and my heart pounded. A gust of wind came from behind me and I spun around to see my grandpa’s ghost lying in a pool of blood, it looked so real, but as fast as it came, it disappeared. I ran down the hall to my room and it was coming for me. I covered my face and stood in the corner. A cold hand touched my trembling shoulder.

“Go away!” I screamed. “Jessica you look as if you have seen a ghost.” My mom said. I uncovered my eyes and looked at her. I was baffled, where did my papa’s ghost go. After that, I never saw the ghost, but weird things have happened.

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