Our Cousin Mamie Thurman

Our Cousin Mamie Thurman
Mamie Thurman Newspaper / Stock Photo

Mamie Thurman may not be known by a lot of people but there are several people like family members who do know who she was.

My name is Meegan Thurman and my twin sister’s name is Maria Thurman. We are fifteen years old and are the fourth cousins of Mamie Thurman. You people may not believe my sister, and me but it’s the truth. We were not born when she was murdered, but it’s a story that will go on for generations in our family. We don’t know who killed our lovely cousin but we hope to find out. We think it was Jack, our cousin Mamie’s husband, but nobody really knows the truth or even told the truth. We wish we could find out who killed her but we don’t know if we’ll live to be able to know the truth or if anybody will ever know. Mamie wasn’t really our cousin from our side of the family, but she was our cousin by Jack because he was our cousin from our actual family. We don’t actually know anything about her brother George Morrison but I don’t think he knows anything about us either.

Anyhow, to get to the point of the story, we were at twenty-two mountains to look around where her body was found. It was kind of late at night but we weren’t sure about what the time actually was. So we just kept looking around with our flashlights. We were about ten years old at the time. All of a sudden we heard a death defying sound like a gunshot or something and then a woman’s scream. It was a bloody scream, so screeching it sounded like someone scratching a window or something. Then Maria pointed her flashlight towards one direction and we stood open-mouthed staring at the man hovering above a big lump of something with a gun, knife, and gunpowder in his hand. He never saw us, but when he disappeared we went to see what the object he was hovering above was. It turns out, it was our lovely cousin who had been found dead at that very spot in 1932, Mamie Thurman, whom everyone says haunts that spot. We screamed to the top of our lungs and ran down the mountain to find where Dad was parked at the bottom of the mountain. When we told him what had happened, breathlessly, he thought we were crazy. We told him that he could go look for himself so he did. We didn’t find our cousin’s ghostly body, but found a dark pile of blood where we saw her.

Investigators have concluded, after months of research, that what we saw was a flashback of the death of our cousin Mamie Thurman. We have never, and probably never, go back on that mountain again after that terrifying night of murder of our cousin Mamie Thurman.

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