Nit-Picking Grandma? And A Friend’s Room

Nit-Picking Grandma? And A Friend’s Room
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On June 24th, 2009 my grandmother past away in her home. My family and my aunt lived with her. We were all upset and mourned her greatly. About a month after her death, my husband and I were coming home after work. He was my fianc√© then, and our home was in the middle of nowhere, so I liked for him to follow me home. After he kissed me goodnight around 1 A.M., I went into my room and got ready for bed. After I closed the door, I set my alarm clock for 8 A.M. and turned on the television. At 2:00 A.M. my alarm clock suddenly went off. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, so I reset my alarm clock for 8 A.M. again. As soon as I got back under my covers, my television turned off. This is when I started to get a little freaked out. I grabbed my remote and turned it back on, but my alarm clock went off again. I got up and completely unplugged it from the wall. I was scared to death. I got in my bed, pulled the covers over my head, and kept telling whoever it was to leave me alone and let me sleep. The next day I told my husband about it, and he just said I was being childish.

A few days after this happened; my husband and I came home from a day with his family, and another occurrence happened. I lived in a double-wide trailer with a porch around it, and we use the door that goes straight into the living room most of the time. I grabbed my house key and unlocked the door. I turned the knob and it turned all the way, but the door would not move. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like a whole body was leaning against the door and would not let me in, but no one but my husband and me were on the property. I kept pushing and pushing, but the door would not budge. Finally, I thought that maybe it was someone after all. I started screaming at my brother to get off the door. It still would not move. Finally, I said, “Grandma, I have heels on and my feet hurt. Can I please get into the house so I can take them off?” After I said this, the door just swung open. We walked in the house and looked around. Absolutely no one was there. Could this have been my grandma nit-picking the way she used to in life?

Also, when I was a teenager, I used to stay with one of my friend’s all the time. I practically lived at her house. She lived in an old house that always gave me the chills when I was there. Once night, we were in her room listening to music when her mom told her to come there for a minute. When she went downstairs, she left her door open a little. Not too long after she left, the door swung open. Not like the wind caught it and it drifting open, but like when a parent is mad because you slammed the door and opens it back up, swung open. I was stunned. When she came back upstairs I told her what had happened and she just shrugged it off. About an hour later he mom hollered at her again. This time she shut the door. A few minutes after she left, the door knob turned and the door opened slightly. Thinking it was my friend and she had brought up drinks or something, I went to open the door for her, but when I opened it no one was there. I was starting to get a little frightened so I closed the door, but when I did something hit the door. It sounded like a whole body was slammed against it. Almost like it was trying to break the door down. I told my friend this when she came back upstairs and she told me that it had become a regular occurrence and it didn’t bother her anymore.

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