New House

New House
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When I was seven we moved, only right next door, into a larger house. The first night is when it all started. We were sitting in the living room, all of the sudden we heard what sounded like someone running across the roof. Dad jumped up and ran outside with a flashlight, he looked all around the house but saw nothing.

We went to bed about an hour after that, and then the same noise started up again. Well needless to say, dad was pretty upset by now, he sent my two older brothers, one 17 and one 19 years old, out the front door. Dad went out the back door, pistol in hand, he fired into the air. No one saw anything or anybody, but the noise stopped.

The next couple of nights were uneventful, and then it started again. Everyone was really perplexed by now. Still thinking someone was playing tricks on us. We all went outside with flashlights, there was nowhere for anyone to hide on the roof, but no one saw anything. This went on for about three weeks; dad even called the police on two occasions, but could not find anything.

Then everything changed, instead of the noise coming from the roof, it sounded like it was coming from the attic. Dad and my older brother crawled up there, they said it looked like no one had been up there for several years; it did not even have a floor. This went on for several days, there was only one-way to get into the attic, which was through a door in the ceiling of a closet in our bedroom.

One evening we were sitting down at the table to eat, it was just starting to get dark. Here came the sound of someone running; only this time it sounded like it was in the house, we were all at the table. My mother looked around at all of us and said, “Did you all feel that?” We had it felt like a very cold rush of air went by us. Now there was no doubt, we had a ghost. After about four days it just quit, we never heard it again.

My uncle, who was a Minister, had been to the house several times, he had always acted uneasy, now we knew why.

We thought we were through with our visitor, but needless to say, we weren’t. If not everyone had seen what I saw, I would have chalked it up to just being a child. We were sitting in the living room; a white mist appeared at the front door and moved through the house and out the back. We saw this white mist on many occasions, all through the house and even in the yard. Dad looked into the history of the house. Again, we had moved into a house where someone had died, a woman who lived there when the house was first built died there. We continued to see our ghost for about two years, then I guess she figured we were not leaving, so she quit. I was seven when we move in, I lived there until I was 20, and my parents after that for another year or two.

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