My Murdered Grandpa’s Ghost

My Murdered Grandpa's Ghost
Old, eerie kitchen with a lone hanging light / AI Generated

When I was 9 years old (March 21, 1999), my grandpa, whom I was very close to, was murdered. The woman he lived with murdered him for insurance money. A while after she killed him I had these strange feelings like my pa paw was watching over me.

Supposedly my grandpa’s spirit dwelt in my aunts house. My aunt believed grandpa’s spirit dwelt there because a light in the kitchen on the same circuit as another would go off at the identical time everyday. I felt truly weird in my aunt’s home. My mom and I were at her abode one time when the light went off. My aunt told mom her theory she had for the light episode. My mom just thought my aunt was crazy. “Dad, if that is you, turn the light back on,” said my mom. As soon as my mom said that, the light came back on. A cheerless and fearsome feeling came over me and as a result I jumped up screaming and began to cry like any 10-year-old would do. A family friend was also in the house when this happened. He was a grown man and was almost in tears after briefly talking about the event. Within ten minutes all my aunts’ visitors had left.

I believe my grandpa was just telling us he was fine and not to worry so much about justice because God is giving him justice. I think he was also saying we needed to all get alone. Right before that, my mom and I were screaming at each other. He simply wanted peace. He must of thought he scared everyone because after that, the light incident rarely happened again. This took place in Wyoming, WV, in the city of Ravencliff.

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