Moundsville Penitentiary

Moundsville Penitentiary
West Virginia State Penitentiary / Stock Photo

Me and my team did an all night ghost hunt at the prison. This was in 2011. We were down in the hole sitting in complete darkness asking questions when all of a sudden a brick comes flying through the air!

A little later, as I was sitting in the chair, my leg starts burning. I noticed there was a couple light scratches. Then we went to the Sugar Shack. We were walking in total darkness when all of a sudden a light bulb shatters on the floor in front of us. Problem is, there’s no light bulbs anywhere down there.

We took pictures in the cafeteria and got 3 orbs in a perfect triangle shape about two inches off the floor.  And in the second floor bathroom, we took a picture in the bathroom. When we developed it, there was a very disturbing face in the mirror! And it was taken in total darkness.

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