Man In My Room

Man In My Room
Scared of the Dark / Stock Photo

You know how you can feel when someone is watching you even if you are asleep. Well I felt like someone was watching me as I was asleep one night, so of course I woke up thinking maybe it was my mom or dad. No, it was not either one of them. As I looked up there was a man in my doorway, he had bushy black hair, white clothing, but his face was odd. You could see everything but his eyes and his mouth. He did not seem to want to harm me because he did not move at all; he just stood there like gazing at me sleeping. Being of the girl nature, I just pulled my covers over my head and closed my eyes thinking that maybe he would go away.

He did go away that time. However, a few weeks later I was in bed not quite asleep yet and I heard the baby’s gate open. (I have a little puppy so we have a baby gate to keep her in my room) I heard the gate shut and I looked up thinking again that it was my mom or dad, but yet again, it was not. In addition, what leads me to think that this is a ghost is that my best friend Jesse has also seen him walking in our hallway. It is just a little hallway but when you see him walking in it, he walks all the way to the end and into the wall and just disappears. He also likes to walk up and down the stairs as if he is just wondering around the house checking on everyone. He does not hurt any of us he just watches over us.

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