Looking Eyes

Looking Eyes
Wall Painting of an Eye / Stock Photo

It all started not long after I moved from Ohio, to the little town of Creston. I was 13 miles from any real town! I watched my 4 year old sister everyday and we would get so bored. We would often go down to the river to swim. I soon became bored with having to spend my summer in the middle of nowhere playing with a 4 year old, so I decided that we should do some exploring on the mountain. We started going about a mile or so everyday, but I was very curious to see what else was around so we started taking extra gas with us. Well, this turned out not to be the best idea!

I always felt like someone or something was following us all the way up the road. Looking at us. I would sometimes stop and look behind us and all around but never seen anything just felt like something did not want us there. My sister felt like someone was calling her name but I just put it off as the “baby” being stupid and often told her to shut up!

On one afternoon we rode all the way to the top and off to the left is an old church. I am not sure if it is still there, but it was old. It had no windows and just a little of the floor was left. It sat half over a very large hill. We got off of the four wheeler and that is when it started! We began to hear singing and a man saying something we couldn’t understand. We could see eyes, and I mean just eyes looking at us. All over the walls and the front door. I could feel something touching my hair and I got very cold. My sister started screaming and telling the eyes not to look at her. This all took place in about 2 to 3 minutes because I froze, I could not move. I did grab her up and took her back down the hill as fast as I could. When we got back to our house I just held her and we cried. We NEVER went back to the church again. I don’t know what is up there, but something is. We still to this day don’t even talk about Creston church on the hill or the eyes!

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