Ghost Encounter at Moundsville

Ghost Encounter at Moundsville
Moundsville / Stock Photo
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About 3 to 4 years ago, my best friend Brittany, her mother Shannon, Shannon’s best friend Shina, and myself decided to take a trip to Moundsville State Penitentiary for Halloween. I wasn’t expecting anything too major other than the normal creepy clowns dressed up, people jumping out at you, just the normal haunted house, I was wrong.

Before even getting to Moundsville we got lost twice. Eventually, we made it. The staff made us stand in a long dark hallway with our hands on our heads. They were picking people out of the lines to stand in the center of the hallway, hands still on our heads. And of course, they pick me. I wasn’t too concerned when they took those of us they picked to jail cells and locked us in them, and left. It was dark. I figured, of course, they are going to try to mess with us a little, try to scare us. So I decided to take my flashlight and shine it all over the cell looking around for wires speakers anything. All I found was the sink, the toilet, and the metal bed frames to hold the mattresses. No speakers no nothing.

As I go to face the bars of the cell waiting to be released and reunited with my group, I heard a deep man’s voice behind me saying, “why are you in my cell? Get out of my cell.” That is when a flash of lightning from the strobe lights they had set up outside in the hallway started flashing and I could see a shadow standing behind me. I was freaked out. I knew this wasn’t a joke. I could feel his presence and he was angry. Thankfully they let me out of the cell before it escalated.

I have never experienced anything before going to the penitentiary. It sent chills up my spine. That place is seriously haunted.

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