Forgotten Souls Of GC&P

Forgotten Souls Of GC&P
Troy Corporation on GC&P Road / Google Maps

I spent a few years working in a home for those with MR/DD. People familiar with Wheeling will know the house. It’s on GC&P Road just past the Troy Corporation on the left side of the road.

The site the house was built on used to house an old farm. At some point in time a plague wiped out much of the farm’s family. The family was buried on the property, just yards from what is now GC&P road. There are several grave markers remaining on the property with a handful of them set in a circle. The circle contains the graves of children. Just slightly up the hill from the circle of graves sits a few that have sunken into the ground leaving rectangular holes in the earth. One grave marker is just 2 feet from where the new home built its shed. The new home does not have a basement and it’s rumored to be because instead of paying to move the graves, they simply moved the headstones and built the house on top of the graves.

If you talk to any of the home’s workers they each will have at least one story to tell. I, in the 2 years I worked in the home, had many experiences.

My first experience happened on my very first midnight shift in the home. I was in the office and heard a soft humming coming from the back hallway. Now let me remind you that none of the homes residents are able to get out of bed or walk by themselves. As I crept to the hallway I saw a lady floating at the end of the hallway. She looked at me, smiled and disappeared into thin air. I learned that she was a regular sight around the house. She was a “good” ghost who seemed to keep watch over the residents.

In time she showed up less and less. Eventually the house seemed to develop a negative energy. In one room we had a resident turn for the worse very suddenly and eventually die. That resident kept telling us to get the “dark man” out of his room and that “the dark man wants his room back”. The next resident we put into that room quickly developed an infection that no doctor could pinpoint. He spent several weeks in the ICU and eventually lost his spot in the home. He did however recover. The resident after him had a stroke.

One evening in another bedroom in the house another worker and I heard a growling coming from the closet. Assuming that the cat had gotten shut in there, we opened the door to let him out. There was no cat in there. Upon opening the door we were greeted with a very large gust of cold air and a low growl. I don’t think I have ever run so fast.

One morning an aide was feeding a resident a snack in his room. I heard a scream and she came running out crying and shaking. Something had yanked her ponytail. She was so upset she had to be sent home.

The few residents in the home that could talk also complained about a “man in a striped shirt” who hid in the closets. One even refused to sleep in her room.

One of the nurses was in the above mentioned bedroom where the ponytail incident took place. She noticed something in the window. She pulled out her phone and snapped a picture. In the picture you can see a man looking in the window. It was obviously not a real person as he was transparent. The same man would be seen walking past many of the windows of the house and was even seen peeking in the entry way. The entry way is a set of 2 doors with a small entry room in between them. There is no way it could have been a real person because they are handicapped doors and when they open you can hear them from almost anywhere in the house and when the outside door opens, so does in the inside door.

Little things occurred regularly, such as doors opening and closing, lights turning on and off, random items being moved and found in different locations. Those things happened so often that we actually didn’t even pay attention to them.

It’s unfortunate that it is a medical home because it should really be investigated by a professional. That will never get to happen because of patient confidentiality. I do pray for those souls that have been disturbed and hope that someday soon the lady who wandered the halls returns to protect the residents.

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