Dead Thing

Dead Thing
Swirling Ectoplasm / Stock Photo

In 1958 my new husband and I came home to Parkersburg, West Virginia, to visit from his duty station in New Jersey. We were staying at his mother’s house off Staunton on a little street named Agnes. The first night we were sleeping in a downstairs bedroom off the kitchen.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to feel the covers being pulled up around my neck. As it was hot in May, I pushed them off me. Immediately, they have rudely pulled up again. That got my full attention! I glanced at my husband who was sleeping soundly. As I tried to look at my unfamiliar surroundings, I saw a white, gauzy, swirling thing in the corner. I screamed and my husband woke up.

I told him what I had seen. He assured me I wasn’t dreaming and proceeded to tell me that on numerous other visits home over his Navy career, he had slept in that room and been awakened by the same thing. The next day, I asked him to please go to my mother’s house, as I did not wish to be visited by the same thing the rest of our time home!

That house is long gone and so are all my in-laws and my then husband. I don’t think it was anything that would have harmed us, maybe just letting us know it was there.

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