Buried under the House?

Buried under the House?
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I used to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa in Logan County, West Virginia. They lived at a place called Madison Creek by the river. Although she has mentioned on a few occasions before she died, I cant remember much about who owned the house grandma and grandpa lived in before they bought it as I was a young girl.

I do know something wasn’t right in that house. The bedroom adjoining the living room always made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. And when I slept in there, it always felt as if someone was watching me from the walk-in closet in that room. When I told her I didn’t like sleeping in there by myself, she began to tell me how there was something in that room that used to pull the covers off anyone who slept in that room. She also told me about the knocking that was heard in there for many years. Every night, up close to the ceiling, not too far from the closet, something would knock loudly about three times.

She also had a walk-in closet in the dining room that she called “the press” (that was what she called a closet that size.) In the back of this closet was a bloodstain about 6 inches in diameter and what appeared to be blood splatter around it. She said she had scrubbed it multiple times and it always came right back.

My grandma knew the man that had lived there before she and Grandpa had bought the house. She said that this man was a very mean and hateful man. She went on to recount a story about another man that went missing and the man that lived in the house at the time hated very much. My Grandmother believed that the man who lived in her house before she bought it had killed the man who went missing and this accounted for the blood stain in the walk-in closet and the strange happenings in the bedroom off from the living room. She believed he had buried him under the house. There used to be a small cellar under the house, But Grandma had Grandpa sealed off the old cellar and cover it up as best as possible with dirt. She said the phenomenon happened less and less after that. Sadly, my grandparents have both passed away but my uncle still lives there. Maybe someday someone will dig the old cellar out and see if any remains can be found, Grandma never came forward because she was afraid people would think she was crazy.

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