Browning Fork Haunted?

Browning Fork Haunted?
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I had just moved to Browning Fork around 5 years ago. Nothing ever bad had happened to me, I never saw anything at all.

Then one day I met a girl, we became best friends. Ever since that day I have had scary things happen to me. You would never believe the things we have seen, heard, or the things that have happened to us.

Ever since we watched Bloody Mary Urban Legends, we would see a girl in the weeds with long black hair wearing a dress with pink and purple flowers. One day we saw her and she was hanging from a tree so we hollered at two of our other friends so they could witness it. And as soon as they came to look she had took off running. She left us not knowing how she got un-hung from the rope that was attached to the tree. Another day my best friend (the same girl) came to my house and her dog had followed us home, so we decided to take him back to her house and put him in the house. Sure enough we didn’t think anything of it and she only lived like 4 houses up, so we began to walk, and I was carrying her dog. It was then dark when we had went past the coal mining road and she asked me if I promise to tell you something will you not drop my dog and I said ok. She said when we just walked by the coal mining road she was sitting on the hill side. At first I thought she was joking and I said are you serious? She replied yes. I looked back and then saw the girl, I then dropped her dog and we took off running. Her dog wouldn’t follow us it was standing there barking in the direction of where the girl was sitting. We had to run back to get her dog, and she was gone. We seen her a few more times after that.

Then about 1 year later I met a new friend. And still from my last friend scary things would happen to me. So I went to my new friend’s house and we were sitting there looking through some new magazines we had gotten through the mail. All of the sudden I was floating in the air off of her bed and he took off running, and it was so scary that we were crying. Till this day when we tell people about it no one believes us. But God in heaven knows it is true.

But the first girl moved out of Browning Fork and ever since then nothing bad or scary like that has happened to me.

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