Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams
Shadow Ghost / Stock Photo

I just became settled into my first apartment alone, a little over my head with the amount of rent but figured I could make it. I came home one night tired from working 13 hours and decided to sleep in the living room. I turn on the radio, nothing unusual about this  old house, and recently renovated. I start falling asleep and I hear the floor board creak but that only happens when I step on it. So I sum it up to being alone in an old creaky house. But the night, I was listening over music and I heard someone make their way around my kitchen. For two nights I was invaded. It felt terrible my nerves was shattered by no sleep and the third night I fell asleep and I had an out-of-body experience and a heavy weight on my body.

I finally woke up from the dream and found my door in the middle of winter wide open. I have since found another place to live due to the strange things happening. But even after leaving, sleep has never been the same. I see the dark angelic face smirking at me when I say the lords prayer at night. Colorless and cold, no life in its eyes.

I’m haunted and continuously threaten with this energy. Things have moved in my new house, doors open and slam, and pecking on the doors. The sense of it wanting to reach out and do something to you is always there. This journey is far from over.

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