Seventh Son

Seventh Son
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This is a short, second hand account about my grandfather. The way I was told is that my grandfather, Benjamin Green had healing powers. He was the seventh son of the seventh son, and in the bible, it’s said that these individuals can say a certain verse out of the bible and lay hands on the sick and heal them.

I remember both my grandmother and my mother telling me stories of how people would come from miles around just to see him. They would bring there sick children themselves or just come to have him pray for them or someone they knew.

I remember one particular story of a woman who had a child that was deathly sick. The mother had come many miles to see him because she heard that he could help her sick child. My grandfather took the child, held it, said a verse out of the bible, blew in the child’s mouth and almost instantly it began to improve. No one ever knew what the verse was he said and he never told anyone. The secret went with him to grave.

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