Cursed Property

Cursed Property
Blair Witch Doll / Stock Photo

I have lived in the country since I was a young, young boy. When I came of age to go out on my own, I bought some property I had my eye on since I was five or six. I worked for an electric company, and decided to buy more property, and as I extended I used property to house goats, cows, chickens, and some beagles I used for hunting coon.

Many occasions I would have odd feelings of panic, and fear while I was among the wooded areas of my property putting up tree stands, or throwing feed out to attract deer. When those feelings would arise, I would leave. One night I was getting ready for coon hunting. I went to get the dogs, and they were going crazy. Howling, and barking before we even went into the wooded area to hunt.

We got in the wooded area about two miles from my farmhouse, when I started to feel uneasy. The dogs were whimpering at this point, and I could not figure out why. When we came up on one of my tree stands I saw someone sitting in it, then glanced again and saw nothing.

I kept moving until I walked into a clearing where I saw a fire burning. Well this couldn’t be, cause my property was private property. I looked around, but saw no personal effects. I walked back to the tree stand to look one more time when I heard many footsteps crackling in the wooded area. I drew my rifle up and headed back toward the fire. When I made it back, the fire was gone and no trace of it, so I packed it in for the night.

The next morning I went out to look for the fire spot, but saw nothing. I went to the tree stand and found a doll made out of brush and twigs. I had found these on my property up until I became ill in 1997. I never saw anything, or anybody, but I always heard local lore about witches on the property, prior to me owning it. I must say I believe it.

I had many animals die in my time there. My family currently farms the property, and reports the same things back to me.

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