Area Witch

Area Witch
Chestnuts / Stock Photo

You may not believe this story but to tell you the truth I really don’t care if you do or don’t. Anyways, Myself and a few of my friends were walking in the woods directly beside their house. They were going to show me an old tree house that they had found (accidentally) in the woods one day.

Once we had gotten there, we started to hear sounds like branches breaking like someone walking over them. The first time, I looked over, and saw a dog that I guess was a near-by-neighbors. We talked a while and we heard the same sound, but louder/closer. I thought that I was just imagining it, but it sounded again and the others heard it too.

We got kind of freaked out and started to leave. Two of us took the road beside, and two of us took the trail in the woods which we all used the first time. My friend and myself got sort of lost on the trail, I really don’t know how because my friend knew the trail like the back of his hand (so he said).

We turned around to the road and noticed a pile of 500 or so nut shells laying on the ground beside us. We took the road and when we finally met up with the others, they had checked the mail and found four chestnuts inside representing the four of us. Someone could be messing with our heads, but I believe that there are legends in these mountains that are yet to be heard.

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