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The following is a list of Paranormal news from across the globe. You will find news on anything from ghosts to aliens. If it's out there, we will find it.

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Ghost caught on camera running through fans at crowded soccer stadiumApr 24, 2014
Spectators watching a soccer game on television noticed a strange figure running through the fans at a crowded stadium recently. The footage was broadcasted by Fox Sports from the Hernando Siles Stadium in Bolivia.

Ghost of Girl in Victorian Dress Appears in York's Castle Museum Family Snapshots (Video)Apr 23, 2014
Family posing for pictures in museum shocked to discover ghostly image of girl in Victorian clothing ‘which followed them around'.

Shadow Men, Ghosts And Demons: Ten Inexplicable And Creepy PhotographsApr 21, 2014
Shadow People – Hat Man This is creepy. You can see through the shadow behind the woman. “This photo was taken the day of these three ladies mother's funeral. There in the picture is a dark figure of a man standing behind the middle woman resting his right hand on her right shoulder

The scariest and most haunted island in the world is now for saleApr 17, 2014
The most haunted island in the world is up for sale. A 17-acre Italian island known as Poveglia will soon be available at a public auction.

The Haunting Of Herrings Inn And Unrecorded History ~ CNY ParanormalApr 15, 2014
When it comes to historic sites with a reputation for being haunted the history that supports these reputations is usually a long and tragic one. Sites Like Boldt Castle and Munn's Mansion in Rutger Park have long histories with equally long accounts before the reports of hauntings begin to surface.