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Monday, November 20, 2017
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Lake Shawnee
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Sep 29 2017


08:00 PM - 11:00 PM



Lake Nightmare: Hostile

In 1929 then 7-year-old Calvin went to the circus when it came to town. The rides were amazing, the music was a wonder to a child’s ears. But then young Calvin saw it for the first time. The clowns with their painted face hauntingly eerie and unnatural. Calvin was terrified. Years later after the draft called him to duty he lost track of his childhood fear in the face of far greater terrors. Surviving the war Calvin came back home to his childhood town and settled down. He married his high school sweetheart and life couldn’t be better. 5 years and 2 twin girls later he had forgotten the nightmares of the clowns from his childhood, until that day.

One morning his girls woke him shouting “Daddy, Daddy, let’s go to the circus”. Reluctantly he agreed. On the way across town that morning an old truck darted out into the roadway causing Calvin to crash into the ditch. He was the only survivor.

He awoke in the hospital deliriously shouting for his family that was nowhere to be found. Then he remembered the truck. The truck with the circus logo on the side. The truck with the clowns in it.

After recovering in the hospital for quite some time Calvin had only one thing on his mind. He purchased the land near the Lake Shawnee Fairgrounds in Rock, WV. and started building all hours of the night hammering away. He built a hostel so the traveling circus workers didn’t have to run all around town. But more important to Calvin he built a place where he would have access to the clowns. In this hell, he made Calvin would exact his revenge. He would seek retribution. Slaughtering the clowns, wearing their faces. Enslaving them to do his bidding Calvin was the new Ring Master in a violent, dark world of pain and suffering.

Over the years and through the buckets of blood and guts Calvin no longer has a singular focus. Just killing the clowns has lost its luster. His blood lust has led him to open his hostel to the public. Seeing the modern age people as clowns. Clowns addicted to social media and celebrity gossip. Calvin invites you to visit his hostel across the pond from Lake Shawnee’s now abandoned amusement park. Set in the shadows of the old Ferris wheel he promises you will never forget it… if you survive at all. . .

Every Friday and Saturday Starting Sept 29th plus Halloween Night. Gates open at 5 PM, Haunt starts at 8 PM Use gate located at end of guardrail on Rt. 10.