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The following is a list of Paranormal news from across the globe. You will find news on anything from ghosts to aliens. If it's out there, we will find it.

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The True Conjuring: 5 Paranormal Cases Investigated by Ed And Lorraine Warren Aug 10, 2016
The original ghostbusters, Ed and Lorraine Warren are major figures in the field of paranormal investigations. Here are some of their most chilling cases.

Is Shropshire the most haunted county in the UK? Aug 10, 2016
Positioned on the Welsh border and sitting astride the Roman route from London to Holyhead in north Wales, Shropshire has enough bloody history to supply endless tales of hauntings and ghostly goings on.

Statue of Jesus OPENS EYES in 'miracle' which has baffled paranormal sleuths Aug 9, 2016
Paranormal investigators claim the spooky clip has not been doctored after spending weeks investigating the eerie claims

Eerie footage captures ghost on camera at 17th century home Aug 9, 2016
Mark Vernon filmed the spooky images while visiting a historic 17th-century mansion. East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley, West Yorks, is said to be heavily haunted.

Shouldn't the seller have told you about the ghost in your new house? Aug 9, 2016
What are the disclosure requirements and ultimate ramifications of discovering peculiar or disturbing facts and circumstances about your new home? And what happens if you learn about them after you have already firmed up the purchase?