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The following is a list of Paranormal news from across the globe. You will find news on anything from ghosts to aliens. If it's out there, we will find it.

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Eerie apparition is caught on camera at isolated farmhouse Apr 29, 2016
The owner of an old farmhouse, on the outskirts of Amlwch on Anglesey, had the fright of his life when he came across a photograph in an old album that showed his building from the outside.

School Sports ‘I became a believer,' -- Maine Afterlife Research Society seeks out proof of ‘spirits' Apr 29, 2016
When Toby Hartford was a child, he always wanted to see a ghost. But, he never did. “I wanted ‘something' or ‘stuff to happen.' I read a lot about it, but never had anything happen to me until about eight years ago. I had some paranormal stuff happen and became very curious about it,“ he said.

Does this footage prove ghosts exist - and that they love the gym? Apr 29, 2016
A man captured footage of what some believe is a specter working out a park near a graveyard in Chile

Real Life Family Hauntings That Will Make You Undeniably Afraid Of 'The Darkness' Apr 28, 2016
One of the most well-known real-life stories of an individual subjected to a haunting is of course Anneliese Michel. Born in 1952 in Bavaria, West Germany, Anneliese led a normal life until one day in 1968 when she began to shake uncontrollably. Admitted to hospital suffering severe epilepsy, the doctors soon realized that what they were dealing with was something far outside their area of expertise.

WATCH: Intriguing footage shows teen 'attacked' by ghost in stairwell Apr 28, 2016
The video shows a pair of innocent teens walking down a stairwell only to be confronted by a terrifying figure appearing out of nowhere. All of a sudden, the figure appears to confront one of the boys while his friend can only watch in horror.