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The following is a list of Paranormal news from across the globe. You will find news on anything from ghosts to aliens. If it's out there, we will find it.

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Paranormal Investigator Nick Groff Reveals What Happened In Bridget Sullivan's Room Jan 27, 2016

10 Real Ghost Photos That Will Spook You Jan 26, 2016
From a photo of an antique bureau with a ghostly hand appearing on it,to a ghost photo of a little boy taken by investigators of the infamous Amityville horror case These real ghost photos will spook you.

Hearing Ghost Voices: Scientific Studies Jan 26, 2016
When it comes to the phenomenon of purportedly hearing ghost voices, some studies say it could be supernatural, some say it's all in the mind.

Ghost hunting USA: Paranormal investigator from Leicester's new life in the States Jan 25, 2016
Buried a mile below the South Dakota desert is the Large Underground Xenon experiment – a multimillion dollar facility tasked with finding evidence of the existence of dark matter. For...

Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail Jan 25, 2016
After being closed up and empty for almost ten years, South Texas Afterlife Researchers began investigating the Old Lavaca County Jail in Hallettsville,Texas. What we discovered is that the jail is far from empty.