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The following is a list of Paranormal news from across the globe. You will find news on anything from ghosts to aliens. If it's out there, we will find it.

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The Haunting of French Road Church ~ CNY Paranormal [VIDEO]Jun 27, 2014
Following local folklore can often lead to long forgotten stories and sometimes those stories are more surprising than the legends. On a small back road in the town of Steuben lies a little church on ‘Deadman's Hill.'

Macabre Mondays Episode 3 - The Lady in BlueJun 26, 2014
What does a lady in a blue dress who is seen leaving a portrait, a ghostly priest praying for the souls of dead babies buried in a basement and a saloon have in common? They are all apart of the colored and dark history of The Palace Hotel in Port Townsend, WA.

Belchentunnel's 'White Lady'Jun 19, 2014
This 'haunting' seems similar to many of the urban legends chronicled here in the United States...but there are serious researchers in Switzerland who believe that this phenomenon is authentic.

Funding for Paranormal Documentary FilmJun 19, 2014
Chill Seekers Paranormal Investigation & Research is planning to film a feature-length documentary film. We currently produce a successful web series. Our investigations receive international media attention and we continue to build a solid, dedicated fan base. We have the skill, experience, and an arsenal of technical equipment to not only investigate haunted locations, but to document our findings in a professional, yet entertaining format.For this project we will be focusing on the Gold Country area, located here, in the foothills of California. Our group is based in Modesto, CA which is only a short-drive away from most of the paranormal hot-spots. We have investigated several locations in the area already; hotels, cemeteries, (one infamous) school house, saloons, etc. The exciting episode(s) we produced here earned Chill Seekers a spot on the front page of the local area newspaper (The Union Democrat). For the proposed feature-length project, we will be digging deeper into the history, violence, an

Woman captures ghost on camera during Alcatraz prison tourJun 18, 2014
A tourist was taking photographs in an abandoned prison and after she reviewed the images, she noticed something strange in one of the photos. The ghost of a woman appeared in a reflection of one of the prison cell windows.