You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost

CafePress Publishing
September 1st, 2004, 135 pages
Paperback, $21.95

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ISBN: 0976543400
As discussed on radio, television, and the print media. The purchase of the early Victorian style home was K Coon’s lifelong dream. She had always wanted an older style home to restore and renovate back to its days of glamour. What she and her family encountered was far beyond her dream. K Coons and her family soon learned that others were already calling her dream, a home.

"You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost" is a fact based journey of K. Coon’s experiences within her home. From the very beginning, her family witnessed encounters that were unexplained and paranormal. Ghostly images appearing in rooms, cabinet doors suddenly opening with unseen assistance, and the mysterious appearance of blood droplets on the main stairway could not be ignored.

If not for faith and a friend, K Coons and her family would have quickly packed up and left her dream home. With the assistance of Rick (Paranormal Communications Consultant) and his amazing abilities to relay messages from those who have moved on, K Coons and her family learned to understand the reasons of unseen visitors.

Rick Hayes Rick Hayes is the founder of LifesGift Inc., an association that supports his psychic medium abilities. As a Paranormal Communications Consultant, Rick consults on a daily basis with those that have questions regarding life after death and one’s daily path on earth.

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